The FEDISA campus at 81 Church Street, Cape Town, South Africa offers an amazing array of excellent facilities, some of which are available for hire. Apart from an open-air events deck and indoor student centre, the institute also offers a 109-seat Auditorium with state-of-the-art technical equipment that has been used for press conferences, media briefings, intimate lectures and small movie theatre experiences. There are also several well-equipped pattern, production and design studios, in addition to a well-stocked library/research centre and modern meeting rooms.

Barcelona Auditorium
The 109-seat state-of-the-art Barcelona Auditorium offers FEDISA students the opportunity to engage in their studies in a technologically advanced, interactive teaching and learning environment. With full surround sound and a large projection screen this is the ideal venue to be immerse in the visually rich world of fashion through a wide variety of lectures, presentations and movie screenings.


Elizabeth Retief Research Centre/Library
The Elizabeth Retief Research Centre and Library offers FEDISA students a broad range of subject specific journals, books and DVDs to support their academic development. There are also several iMac computers for Internet research and full colour high resolution scanning and printing available in the library. It is a great space for students to relax or work in the quiet, yet comfortable surroundings of this modern, glass-walled space o the upper level of the campus.

The iMac Lab
The 45-seater iMac lab offers a 63inch LCD training screen (on which the presenter’s screen can be cloned). Here FEDISA students access the latest Adobe Creative Suite computer aided design technology as they become proficient in the various graphic and design packages on offer. The iMac Lab at FEDISA is also an ideal venue for corporate computer training.


The Studios
There is a broad array of bright and airy workspaces for FEDISA students to develop their fashion knowledge and skills on campus. Each studio is named after a leading fashion capital of the world and equipped according to its specific use, whether it is for pattern drafting, production technology or design. There are also free workspaces for students wishing to develop their skills independently before, between or after formal studio sessions.

Open-air Event Deck
The FEDISA Event Deck and Urban Park is the summer hangout for FEDISA students, where several in-house fashion shows and events are hosted during the academic year.


The FEDISA Event Deck and Urban Park can also accommodate up to 600 people in various configurations. Sporting lawns, fountains and a reflection pond, the elevated deck offers exceptional views across the city.

Concepts Student Centre
The FEDISA/Concepts Student Centre is the daily meeting place for all FEDISA students. Lavazza coffee and a wide array of meals and snacks are available here, from breakfast to late afternoon each day.

The FEDISA/Concepts Student Centre is also a chic venue for small, catered gatherings. The full kitchen facilities make it an ideal space to host book-launch breakfasts, small informal presentations and parties.