Posted by on Jun 19, 2017


FEDISA – From the Academic Director’s Desk

Your Safety Is Our Concern

Much has been written and said regarding the state of higher education in South Africa in the recent past. The daily visual bombardment of unrest on campuses around the country has certainly unsettled many prospective students from all walks of life. There exists a palpable sense of unease and insecurity among many of these young people and their parents, uncertain of their options when it comes to pursuing their studies in a stable and safe academic environment. Many are holding off on engaging their studies and moving closer to a feasible career and in so doing not only postponing their academic experience, but also the start of their economically productive futures.

FEDISA has emerged as an academic haven from the turmoil currently raging in the much contested higher education space of South Africa. For those wishing to pursue a career in the fashion industry, be it design, buying, marketing, journalism or any of the multiple exciting career options, FEDISA is the obvious choice. The institution now offers the 3-Year Diploma in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Media, the 3-Year Bachelor of Arts: Fashion Degree and the 1-Year post graduate Bachelor of Arts Honours: Fashion Degree.

FEDISA’s elevated Cape Town city-centre campus with its numerous state-of-the-art facilities offers a totally secure, access-controlled environment for the development of knowledge and skills. The surrounding area offers ample parking and easy access to various modes of public transport.

Class disruptions or cancellations are unheard of at FEDISA. The breadth and depth of the various qualifications ensure a thorough academic grounding and excellent preparation for both further studies and career development.

FEDISA’s strong industry relations, collaborations and events offer students first-hand opportunities to engage their future career options right from day one of their studies at the institute.

For a tour of the beautiful FEDISA campus in the heart of Cape Town call 0214240975 and come explore your options with us today.